Art and Design Jobs: An Overview

Art and design jobs are great for anyone who’s creative and who loves to create beautiful things. Art and design jobs go far beyond painting and sculpting. Photograph, commercial illustration, web design, fashion design, interior design and advertising are just a few of the areas where artists can showcase their talents and their unique sense of style.

First of all, what’s the difference between a career in arts and a career in design? Many people have different, nuanced definitions of these two fields, but speaking in broad terms an artist create works that exist for their own sake, things that express his or her view of life and that stir emotions in those who view them. On the other hand, a designer creates works that have a specific function in addition to the way they look and the way they make people feel. For instance, a furniture designer will create a chair that not only looks great but that can be used, obviously, to sit on.

The hard part of choosing a specific career within the general categories of arts and design is that there are so many choices out there. Almost everything that human beings use and every environment in which people live and work are the products of designers and artists. Think about your bedroom, for instance. Each piece of furniture was designed by someone, and perhaps the arrangement of the entire room is the work of an interior designer. There might be paintings or photographs on the wall-those, of course, are products of artists. The covers of the books in your room were created by artists. Try surfing the web on your laptop; the look of the websites you like to visit were created by graphic designers. Heck, even the clothes you’re wearing were designed by someone! Fabrics, tiles, computer hardware-all of them are the work of designers. (It’s easy to take all of this work for granted, too.)

If you become an artist or a designer you can either work on your own as a freelancer, working on one project at a time, or for a certain company or corporation. The hard part about being a freelancer is that you always have to worry about where your next paycheck is going to come from. On the other hand, you might have a much wider variety of projects to work on.

Either way, to succeed in arts and design jobs you need to have focus, discipline, and perseverance, and you need to be willing to work hard and work long hours. Sometimes deadlines can be tight, and so you have to learn how to work quickly and efficiently. That means you have to always be ready with new ideas at a moment’s notice. Deadlines can be frustrating, too, because as an artist you might wish to have plenty of time to get your creations to come out exactly as you see them in your mind’s eye.

How to Decorate a Designer Kid’s Room

One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to spice up any bland and boring kid’s bedroom is by using the art (literally) of murals. Two others are fabrics and mirrors. This article will show you how to use all three to create a room that will wow any little girl’s senses.

Surely your little girl already has pictures up in her room – pictures of friends and loved ones and fond memories, pictures clipped from magazines and color-printed off the web, and pictures she drew and colored herself. This is where you’ll find your inspiration for the bedroom wall murals that will most excite and enchant her.

There is scant a single little girl who isn’t captivated by beauty, who doesn’t love to surround herself with beautiful things. So treat her to the bedroom renovation that she’ll cherish her whole life long making her room as pretty as she pictures she finds most beautiful.

One of the greatest advantages to you of murals (as suggested above) is cost, as paint is one of the cheapest interior design materials you’ll ever buy.

And if your little girl is lucky enough to have her own custom theme bed, you can complement the colors, theme, and design of the bed with those you select for the rest of the room. Alternatively, you could opt for a total rehaul of the room d├ęcor and paint the custom theme bed anew too. A blue, gold, and white princess castle bed, for example, can be transformed by being repainted pink with lavender borders. You can even paint a full 3D mural on the custom theme bed itself since, after all, a custom theme bed is a three-dimensional picture-scape just waiting to happen.

Fabrics are another way to make a little girl’s custom bedroom that’s as pretty as a picture and as vibrant as she is. From lace borders to canopy beds to custom bedding to window dressings to children’s furniture reupholstering, fabrics can transform an entire girl’s bedroom in one fell swoop.

When it comes to those images your little girl finds prettiest, there’s little doubt that her own adorable face is one of them (and if not, it should be). Help her to highlight that picture she finds prettiest – that of her own image – with the use of mirrors. A full-length mirror on her closet door is almost a necessity. As is a dressing table with an ample mirror before which she can sit and experiment with hair styles, fashion and jewelry combinations, and (eventually) make-up.

You don’t have to be a fabulous artist to create a custom theme bed that is as pretty as a picture. Just ask your little girl – she’ll tell you. Better yet, give her the paintbrush and she’ll show you.

Interior Upgrades for Your MINI

Putting your MINI Cooper in style with exterior upgrades is just the first step in keeping your car in contemporary shape for future years. The interior of your MINI is just as important as the exterior and maybe a bit more so because of the amount of time you and your riders spend surrounded by the expert engineering of comfort and reliability the MINI has to offer. There are hundreds of interior improvements that you can make. Let’s take a look at three popular choices that will advance the notion that your MINI is up-to-date.

Choosing interior upgrades for your MINI begins with the selection of a well-designed and attractive dash trim. Great accessories that will help reflect the racetrack personality of the MINI is a carbon fiber hand-finished dashboard trim. This ebony colored trim offers an air of subtle elegance along with a feeling of adventure and speed. For those who remain young at heart, there is a rally sport dash trim in checkered design that implies rally speed and handling. This upgrade in interior design maintains the value of your MINI for many years to come.

One inexpensive way to update your MINI’s interior is with logo embossed floor mats. These come in three colors: Beige, Black, and Grey. A distinctive circular pattern, MINI logo, and vertical grids funnel and retain moisture to improve footing, especially in mud and snow. Each set provides a perfect combination of function and style.

One further way that the MINI owner can upgrade the interior of their car is to install new, quality seat covers that are not only fashionable but protect the original leather or fabric. According to many web sites, this seat Armor Covering is unlike anything that exists in the market today. This interior accessory will help protect the upholstery from any damage that may occur from busy lifestyle uses. The seat cover is made of 100 percent cotton/terry velour and is designed to adjust to the form and the seat and headrest, helping protect the upholstery from any stains.

There are hundreds of other accessories to choose from. Interior chrome molding to floor and cargo mats that protect your MINI from age and wear offer accoutrements that define style, luxury, and functionality in today’s hustle and bustle of daily activities. Experts say that maintaining your automobile is one way to keep the value of your MINI high for resale or trade in. Most people never want to give up their MINI once they have experienced the thrill it provides but keeping it in excellent shape is a terrific appeal to buyers if you ever do decide to sell it.