How To Create An Affordable Web Site For Your Online Business In Less Than 24 Hours

The purpose of this article is to recommend complete newbies to online business an affordable instant web site solution.

This solution will enable them to create an affordable web site quickly and easily, while taking time to acquire the necessary technical skills.

To have their own web site, they need three essential elements:

– A domain name

– A web host for that domain

– A web design software to create your web site.

Let me give you a brief comparison between starting a traditional and an online business.

** Domain Name **

Before anyone can start up a traditional business, they would brainstorm for a business name.

There’s absolutely no difference for an online business. On the Internet, a business name is represented by a domain name.

That’s the part that comes after the www in a web site address or after the “@” in an email address.

For example, if an email address is: [email protected], then your domain name reads as “domain dot com”

** Web Host **

After a name is given for a traditional businss, an office or shop space is needed so that customers can locate.

So, in the online world, once a domain name is gotten, a web host is needed to store an online business web site.

In other words, web hosting is the service that provides the space for a website to exist.

** Web Design Software **

Now, it’s time to look for an interior designer to do the office or shop layout so that the traditional business can operate most efficiently. Another option is to do it yourself.

Similarly, in an online business, a web designer is needed but that would cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. And how about the changes and updates in time to come? The alternative is for the Internet marketer to create their own web sites using some web design software according to their business needs.

** How Long Does A Complete Newbie Take? **

If someone is not yet familiar with computers and the Internet, it’s really not that simple to get started. Why I said so is because I personally came across many aspiring Internet marketers who really need help.

Even after attending Internet marketing seminars and back end coaching sessions by gurus that cost them an arm and a leg, they are still totally stumbled by the basics!

Somehow, they cannot get started to do the following:

– Register for a domain name

– Register for a web host

– Point their domain name to their web host (so that when someone types their domain name in their browser, it would take them to their web site)

– Create a web site

– Upload the completed web site to the Internet

As you can see, these are the stumbling blocks to many when starting their Internet marketing journey.

How long would you think a typical office worker who knows only MS Word, email and surfing the Net be able to muster enough courage and take action in order to get up to speed with that?

I’ve seen people taking three months to do that while there are people who are still at the starting blocks (or shall I say, stumbling blocks) after 6 to 9 months!

Isn’t that a pity?

** How To Create An Affordable Web Site In Less Than 24 Hours? **

I came across a solution that can help these people get started within 24 hours!

As long as they can type a letter or create a document in MS Word, they can start creating your own web site with their own domain name literally in minutes!

No, I’m not talking about outsourcing. Nor am I talking about buying web sites from eBay. (I know some newbies who did that but still, they don’t know what to do with the web sites they purchased.)

While they take their time to learn and take action on registering a domain name and web host, creating web sites using Frontpage, uploading the files using FTP, they can get started immediately with Affiliate marketing and AdSense Publishing!

Here’s the instant solution for them…

Have you ever heard of Global Domains International (GDI)? They are the guys who came up with the .ws domain. Their angle is that domain names is a HUGE thing and if you have missed the .com revolution, here’s your chance again with .ws.

For example, if “yourname dot com” is already taken up by someone else with the same name, they you still can register “yourname dot ws”

With a GDI account for just $10 per month, they can register for their “businessname dot ws” and their web site goes LIVE instantly.

Plus, the package comes with a web-based site builder software that they can use to create your web site within hours as long as they know how to use MS Word. Once the web site is completed, all they have to do is to push a button to publish to their web site painlessly.

Guess what?

Now, they can then insert the HTML codes obtained from the affiliate programs or Amazon or Google AdSense. And they have up to 10 web pages to paste that into.

Copyright 2006 Roger Loh

Interior Upgrades for Your MINI

Putting your MINI Cooper in style with exterior upgrades is just the first step in keeping your car in contemporary shape for future years. The interior of your MINI is just as important as the exterior and maybe a bit more so because of the amount of time you and your riders spend surrounded by the expert engineering of comfort and reliability the MINI has to offer. There are hundreds of interior improvements that you can make. Let’s take a look at three popular choices that will advance the notion that your MINI is up-to-date.

Choosing interior upgrades for your MINI begins with the selection of a well-designed and attractive dash trim. Great accessories that will help reflect the racetrack personality of the MINI is a carbon fiber hand-finished dashboard trim. This ebony colored trim offers an air of subtle elegance along with a feeling of adventure and speed. For those who remain young at heart, there is a rally sport dash trim in checkered design that implies rally speed and handling. This upgrade in interior design maintains the value of your MINI for many years to come.

One inexpensive way to update your MINI’s interior is with logo embossed floor mats. These come in three colors: Beige, Black, and Grey. A distinctive circular pattern, MINI logo, and vertical grids funnel and retain moisture to improve footing, especially in mud and snow. Each set provides a perfect combination of function and style.

One further way that the MINI owner can upgrade the interior of their car is to install new, quality seat covers that are not only fashionable but protect the original leather or fabric. According to many web sites, this seat Armor Covering is unlike anything that exists in the market today. This interior accessory will help protect the upholstery from any damage that may occur from busy lifestyle uses. The seat cover is made of 100 percent cotton/terry velour and is designed to adjust to the form and the seat and headrest, helping protect the upholstery from any stains.

There are hundreds of other accessories to choose from. Interior chrome molding to floor and cargo mats that protect your MINI from age and wear offer accoutrements that define style, luxury, and functionality in today’s hustle and bustle of daily activities. Experts say that maintaining your automobile is one way to keep the value of your MINI high for resale or trade in. Most people never want to give up their MINI once they have experienced the thrill it provides but keeping it in excellent shape is a terrific appeal to buyers if you ever do decide to sell it.

What Makes a Good Web Page Design? Some Tips on Making Yours Stand Out!

Whether you’re creating a brand new web page design, or revamping your current site, some of your major objectives are to create an easily navigated web page, a good looking page with a balanced eye-catching composition – in short, a good web page design!

So, how do you measure the attributes of good web page design? There are several schools of thought here, with much depending on your type of business. If your site provides financial information and services, a corporate look may be what you need. If you sell artwork, a dramatic, artistic backdrop may serve your sense of a good web page design. A website featuring designer style products should integrate that designer look and feel. The interior designer might opt for a sophisticated or homey country feel, or whatever style showcases their offerings best. When you think of your website, it’s analogous to a store front or shop window. You want your site to be inviting, encouraging visitors to take a closer look and come inside.

In a nutshell, this is what you’re aiming for in creating a good web page design. If you were going to a stockbroker’s office, you probably wouldn’t expect frilly curtains and window displays of figurines, right? On the other hand, this style of decorating would suit a gift shop nicely. A major signature of a good website design is that it’s appropriate to your business. That first impression is where you can set your visitor’s expectations, for better or worse.

While you want your web page design to be unique and memorable, you’ll still want to conform to certain elements of composition. If you try to be too different, this can be confusing to your visitors.

The basic page layout should include left and right margins, where you can place your navigation menu, newsletter subscription boxes and other such free offers. These are typically placed on the left hand margin, while ads usually appear on the right. The top one quarter of each page, before the ‘fold’ might be occupied with a photo, or perhaps a banner ad, although the latest trend is to run banner ads vertically, in the right margin of the page. Research has shown that the across the top banner ads tend to annoy visitors, as they’re too much in-your-face and lack subtlety. Much like a huge ‘SALE!’ banner plastered across a storefront window, this can invoke a “What, are they going out of business?” response from your visitors. A beautiful photo, along with your company logo at the top left margin, is far more engaging.

If you want to include a search box, put it where people expect to find it – near the top right hand margin and below your photo, artwork or whatever takes up the top quarter of the page.

Keeping your composition and layout within the parameters of the norm is another important signature of good web page design.

The use of Flash is still controversial. While the spiders have learned to deal with Flash displays, there are still some logistical problems that may affect how often and how well the spiders visit that page. With Google searches accounting for the majority, about three-quarters, of all searches, check the Google site for specifics on making those pages Google-friendly.

Aside from the points outlined above, the rest is all art. A good web page design is above all, attractive and functions as it should. This is what keeps your visitors browsing your site, instead of surfing away!